Saturday, 3 April 2010

Global Warming is Changes The Earth System

Earth is a dynamic place. But recently scientists have been noticing,Global warming changes the Earth system due to way land is used and pollution. These changes are changing the regular patterns of the system.

Earth system are changing in many different ways. Materials are moving around the Earth system.Rocks form and reform through the rock cycle. Water flows through the water cycle. Elements are moving between living and nonliving parts of the Earth system through bio geochemical cycles like the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle. Ocean Motion and the atmosphere have an impact on the Earth system too.

How the parts of the Earth System are affecting and how they impact climate, Scientists are also studying that.When aspects of the system are changed the Earth reacts because of warming.Some reactions shrink the amount of warming while other reactions lead to even more warming. These reactions are called feedbacks.

Reactions of the Earth system that shrink the impacts of a change are called negative feed backs and Reactions that exaggerate the impacts are called positive feed backs.

Analysing the negative and positive feedbacks of the Earth system is an area of active research in climate science. How climate will continue to change in the future, new information about feedbacks into climate models will allow us to better predict.

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