Monday, 16 July 2012

Natural disaster mostlty impacts on Bangladesh climate change

Bangladesh is the mostly affected countries by natural calamities and climate change. It is also published by a news report in Copenhagen climate discussion. 

Rough weather before heavy rain falling

The report has said the millions of targets and propensities were vanished by natural disaster. Natural disaster always deadly impact to Bangladesh people.According to the "Global climate risk index" the most top ten affected countries were all under developing countries and lower- middle incoming countries and Bangladesh is the main country among of them. Actually Bangladesh is the mostly facing or continuously facing climate change affect country among the world. Every year many people died/attached by the natural disaster. So the Bangladeshi people could not rise anymore and Bangladesh government become go back by the affect of natural calamities. Due to extreme weather events Bangladesh losses annually 1.81 percent of GDP.

After heavy rain falling

Bangladesh is deadly affected by heavy rainfall, extremely cyclone, flood and like other natural calamities. Heavy rainfall causes landslides in Chittagong hill tracks area. Last three years many more people were died in landslides in south-east Bangladesh. Even heavy rainfall causes to cancel all flights schedule in Chittagong international airport.

After landslides rescue team are working

Cyclone Aila has finished few villages within few minutes. Bangladeshi leaders with prime minister always tries to miraculously resolve this issue. To get result against this issue Bangladesh government has taken decision to make green zone by tree plantation beside of coastal area makes so many cyclone shelters.

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